Friday, November 18, 2011

Review - Night at the Demontorium: Series One

Night at the Demontorium: Series One by Naima Haviland.

A collection of short stories. An exceptional collection lovingly crafted of dark, thoughtful visions of death  and addictions. The writing is surprisingly refreshing considering the subject matter.
I admit to having a difficult time describing the stories without telling all, so to speak. I can say that they are quick and easy to read while leaving you thoughtful at the end. Each story evokes a different response ranging from awe to disgust.

There five stories included in this release;

Aunt Téa's Addiction: Will leave you thoughtful at the very least. An extreme addiction.

He Dreams in Yellow: Depression, it's not what it's cracked up to be.

Sparky's First Day: Life in one's mind can be rewarding or at least a way out.

The Entrepreneur: This and the final story are my favorites. This one goes somewhere surprising and horrific.

Bedring: This is just crazy. Demonically crazy and an example of what a person will do to save themselves.

I am very glad to have discovered Naima Haviland and hope to read more of her work. Her stories are elegant and horrible both.

Night at the Demontorium: Series One is not to be missed.

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