Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Worm Reads - Choosing To Be

Choosing To Be: Lessons in Living from a Feline Zen Master by Kat Tansey.
As a cat lover I have always known that cats were founts of wisdom whenever they chose to be. Kat Tansey and her personal budda-cat, Poohbear Degoonacoon (a Maine Coon) share the wisdom as a conversation throughout this book.

Chapter by chapter Poohbear doles out slivers of knowledge for those with a desire to learn and to find inner peace.

Choosing To Be truly is an entertaining read written with love and a nice dose of humor along the way. I found that I liked it best when I read one chapter at a time with a break in between, sometimes of a week or more. The conversation was just as fresh when I came back as it was when I left.

Do yourself (and your cats) a favor, pick up Choosing To Be by Kat Tansey today and read it for a long time.

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